Sunday, January 17, 2010

silence of winter

there is a quietness to winters beauty that i can not find in any other season
even when my fingers get cold, i linger, i look, i stare and inhale. i hold on to that breath for even exhaling would disrupt the magical silence of a winters showing.


La sirène said...

All the fotos you do are so full of beauty*

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Quiet and sleepy. A time to gather up the strength for the rest of the year. Beautiful little view into your world from the coziness inside.

Maria said...

Although I'm not a fan of bundling up for the cold or the loss of sunshine during this time of short days I do find the air in winter refreshing. It seems to cleanse the soul. It is not only the cleansing through breath but the visual effect it has around me is so soothing. I tell everyone winter is the best time to be at the beach the air just .... has a special aura. I do love the posts you put here, wish they were more frequent.